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Kitchens & More


Noel Kelly Carpentry are perfectionists in all aspects of carpentry and create perfect kitchens, doors, bathrooms or virtually any high-end carpentry or building job you need. Read More...



Noel Kelly Carpentry are perfectionists in roofing. Fully insured and highly experienced, we complete all our jobs to the best possible standards, on time, every time. Read More...

1st Fixing


Noel Kelly and his team of experts make Noel Kelly Carpentry the only choice for quality 1st fixing. If you need a project completed the right way, from the very start... Read More...

2nd Fixing


Noel Kelly Carpentry makes sure all 2nd fixing projects are always completed to absolute perfect - never anything less. All work completed is to the highest standards... Read More...



Good Tiling is an art and you need a true professional to do the job right without exception. Noel Kelly Carpentry are excellent at tiling & it shows by their quality work.. Read More...



Demolition projects need true care and attention to be completed safely and on time. Trust Noel Kelly Carpentry if you want a fully insured professional... Read More...

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